Hej, I'm tira.

tira@nezabudka: /mnt/code
[code] ls projects --description --lang
# Desktop applications xworks      A dead-simple FAQ-style static site generator (Rust) hypixel     A Hypixel API wrapper (Go) crystalize  A Spotify API wrapper (Crystal) collude     A scientific calculator (Rust) ppaman      A Personal Package Archive manager (Shell) renminbi    A Minecraft chat-logging mod (Java) # Web applications t1ra.github.io  ... renminbi-view   A Renminbi log visualiser


I'm an Anglo-Australian programmer, language aficionado (jeg snakker litt norsk i russkiy) and occasional writer. I have quite an affinity for Mozilla. I write Rust, often license under MPLv2.0, and use Firefox. (They comissioned the font you're seeing right now, too.)
I exclusively use Ubuntu and Visual Studio Code for programming.

What I Work On

Right now, I spend most of my time working with C# and Rust, but I do venture into other languages if need be; I rarely touch web development because CSS and JS are a pain, as much as it does reel me in.